NFT Staking

10mb Finance is, to our knowledge, the first Tomb fork and also the first Iron Finance fork to enable yield boosting via NFT staking!
Boost amount: 3%/NFT for up to 5 NFTs per pool
All NFTs must be staked in the pool before the wallet deposits! NFTs cannot be staked or unstaked while the wallet has coins staked in the pool!
The only stakable NFTs that are still minting are Cronos Zealous Zelenskyys.
Eligible NFTs:
  • Mad Meerkat Burrow NFTs: 0x89dBC8Bd9a6037Cbd6EC66C4bF4189c9747B1C56
  • Mad Meerkat Treehouse NFTs: 0xDC5bBDb4A4b051BDB85B959eB3cBD1c8C0d0c105
  • Majestic Minotaurs: 0xfE52ebb3aDb92CBA733B8DD3342DaAbf67A250a3
  • Cronos Zealous Zelenskyys: 0x90Dd56b0149D5A8c10A6479546ae4690Df7B124B