In Seignorage:
  • The single 10SHARE (Boardroom) pool emits 10MB as long as the TWAP (time-weighted average price) of 10MB remains above peg
  • Each epoch's 10mb emissions are a percentage of the "Tomb supply", i.e., the Iron (minted - redeemed) supply is subtracted from the circulating supply
  • When the price of 10MB goes below peg, the supply of 10MB is reduced by 10BOND minting
  • When the price then recovers to be above peg, a 10MB bonus is given for 10BOND redemption
In 10mb finance, bonds have no expiration date.
The redemption bonus variable is up to 50%, which is squared (25%):
  • When TWAP = 1.0 peg, the bonus is 0%
  • The redemption starts being given at TWAP = 1.01 peg
  • When TWAP = 1.1 peg, the bonus is 25% (each 10BOND can be redeemed for 1.25 10mb)
  • The bonus variable increases linearly, e.g., 25% at TWAP = 1.05 peg.