Minotaur & Snowcat Swaps

The DAO tokens for Snowcat DAO will be sold at the conclusion of the swap period, 6/7 at 8pm GMT!
Participants in two of the team's other projects, Minotaur Money and Snowcat DAO, will have special opportunities to trade their MINO or SCAT tokens for 10SHARE tokens before the protocol begins.
  • The offering is 15 10SHARE tokens each for Minotaur Money and Snowcat DAO
  • The swap contracts will be active from 6/4, 8pm GMT, to 6/7, 8pm GMT
  • The 10SHARE tokens will be divided amongst users by the number of tokens contributed
  • Contracts will accept an unlimited amount of MINO/SCAT tokens
  • The Minotaur DAO and Snowcat team receive the contributed tokens
  • 10SHARE tokens will be airdropped to the same wallet address before the protocol begins
Please note that after the swap period ends on 6/7, 8pm GMT, the DAO tokens for Snowcat DAO will be sold!
The swap URLs will be: